Destiny's Sword by 2DogsGames

Destiny's Sword by 2DogsGames

Destiny’s Sword is a ground-breaking, socially-driven MMO that cultivates empathy, strategic thinking, and cooperation in stark contrast to the in-game cultures of conventional online games. Characters in the game will be affected by their combat experience, interactions with other characters, random life events and players’ decisions and actions.

The key to the Destiny’s Sword experience is the games’ proprietary Insight Engine technology – this Insight Engine is responsible for the psychological simulation of all of the in-game characters, and it gives each character a unique personality, backstory and life history. The Insight Engine tracks the evolution of characters’ emotions over time based on their combat experiences, player decisions and actions, and the meaningful events that happen in their daily lives. This level of character depth is truly what sets Destiny’s Sword apart from the other MMO’s out there.

The team behind Destiny’s Sword, 2DogsGames, was referred to us by Toronto-based designer, Kevin Witkowski – they were in the midst of a media / PR blitz and were in urgent need of a new website to portray their work on the game to the swarms of new eyeballs seeing it for the first time. Together, and with just 1 week to turn the project around, we were able to create a brand new, WordPress-based home for Destiny’s Sword together - and even with the crazy timeline for delivery, the project was completed 2 days early!

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Project Type: Web

Project Requirements: Web Design, Custom WordPress Theme Development, Photo Manipulation

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