Hello Ghost

Hello Ghost

I've been a long time lover of the WordPress platform - for both my personal website and most of my clients' sites as well - but it's a new year, and time for a change.

At the core of it, after all, 99% of what I do here on my personal website is create content - and whether it's a piece describing the latest completed project in my Portfolio, a general post like this in my Blog, or a helpful code snippet or download in my Resources, content is content.

Ghost is a dead simple to use CMS tool, focused purely on making content look good and be easy to consume. So, with the new year here, I've transitioned my personal website from WordPress to Ghost - stripping away years of bloated overhead and extra "fluff" to get us to this simplistic, new site.

Another huge benefit of Ghost is its integrated membership functionality - so, while you can expect to get a lot more content from me here now for free, I'll also be delivering high-quality premium content related to web/graphics design, web development, digital marketing and more in the near future, at a reasonable price.

So, all that to say - welcome to my "new" website. Feel free to Subscribe  to stay up to date and receive emails whenever I add a new post, or to be one of the first people to get access to my premium content. Enjoy the ride!

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