Christmas Time and Giving To Those In Need

Christmas Time and Giving To Those In Need

With Christmas and the holiday season in full swing, I’ve started to read a lot about the many good causes and events happening around my area and across Canada to help support those in need. I always make some small donations around the holiday season to various food banks and charities to do my part, but I’ve always enjoyed reading about those making big differences in their communities.

For example, this season Jillian Harris of Bachelorette fame worked with a number of big brands across Canada to get together food and gift donations for the Kelowna, British Columbia food bank. Brands such as Saje, Snuggle Bugz, Pool Supplies Canada and Shoppers Drug Mart came together to donate a variety of different gifts and toys to help make someone in needs holidays as special as it should be.

It’s still not too late to give back this year, and there are many small ways you can give back that can make a huge impact on someones life. Pay it forward, make a donation, or just do something to try and brighten someones day – making a positive impact is always a good idea!

Happy Holidays to all of my friends, family and clients, and best wishes for a safe and prosperous 2017.

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